Mirea Residences

Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Santolan, Pasig City

A refreshing way to live.

Mirea Residences

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Santolan, Pasig City
Turnover Date: 3Q 2017
Unit Sizes: 63.50 SQM to 130 SQM
Price Range: Php 3.5 M to 7.0 M


Mirea Residences

A medium rise residential condominium development, the Mirea Residences is quiet practical for the new generation of professionals and families currently based in Quezon City, Pasig or Marikina who want to upgrade to a resort-inspired living in the city.

This DMCI Homes’ new offering at the heart of Pasig is breathtakingly awesome and affordable in any aspect without hidden charges, only hidden beauty and relaxing atmosphere.

Situated along Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Pasig City, the Mirea Residences embodied a modern and unique stand-alone community living where the environment solely lies on nature and the utilization of water to create an atmosphere of purity and coolness in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Covering an area of 38,895sqm where amenities already occupy 15,480sqm, the spacious surroundings is a big relief from the congested and high-density environment of poorly-designed housing projects of other developers. The Mirea has 6 buildings where 2-level parking is located while the remaining 2 buildings have 1 parking level. Each building has 6-7 floors. Even cars don’t congest here.

Units offered are classified as 2-BR and 3-BR with sizes ranging from 63.50 to 130sqm. Buildings are either single loaded or double row configurations. Total units numbered 1,216 with balconies for selected rooms. The buildings have green designs enhancing the fresh flow of air and natural light in every space. Atriums are provided and have single-loaded hallways.

The list of indoor amenities seem endless like the fitness gym where you and the entire family could indulge in a variety of workouts, game area, meeting room, lounge area, garden atrium, Audio Visual Room and function room, among others. Outdoors, feel the ambience of a resort where you could find the lounge, adult, kiddie and lap pools, basketball and badminton courts, picnic area, grill pits, clubhouse, palm promenade, park and playground to name a few amenities.

The main entrance is grandeur as it is inside. These gates (entrance and exit) are well-guarded 24/7 so you and your family are totally safe anytime, day and night. Ateneo de Manila, Miriam College and Roosevelt College are just some of the schools within the immediate vicinity of the project. St. Camillus Polyclinic is a walking distance while the Medical City, Marikina Valley Medical Center and Quirino Medical Center are within spitting distance.

SM Savemore, South Supermarket, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Robinson’s Metro East and SM City Marikina are close by.

Living in the Mirea Residences is like a mere fantasy, wherever you are in the metropolis, you will arrive here safe and sound while you relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

DMCI, Mirea Residences, Condo for Sale in Pasig City, Philippines. For price list, model house, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. If you're looking to find DMCI, Mirea Residences for Sale, then check here first. We have full details of DMCI, Mirea Residences for Sale updated regularly. Everything you need to know about DMCI, Mirea Residences Condo buying process, broken down into stages. Includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price.

Mirea Residences - LOCATION & VICINITY

The project is located at Amang Rodriguez Avenue in Pasig, near Marcos Highway and Eastwood City. May it be offices, schools or other establishments; everything you need is just a few minutes' drive away.

DMCI Mirea Residences HOW TO GET THERE?

DMCI Mirea Residences From SLEX

Take the C-5 Exit. Follow the road of C-5 leading to Libis. Turn right at FVR Road.
Follow the road until you reach Marcos Hiighway. Turn right at Amang Rodriguez Avenue (Jolibee). Go straight until you see the site to your right and enter the road leading to the Entrance Gate.

DMCI Mirea Residences From SLEX (Alternate)

Take the C-5 Exit. Follow the road of C-5 leading to Libis Turn right at Calle Industria Ave. Follow the road until you reach Amang Rodriguez, the turn left Go straight until you see the site to your left and enter the road leading to the Entrance Gate.

DMCI Mirea Residences From Antipolo

Take the Marcos Highway going to SM Marikina. Before reaching SM Marikina take the last U-turn slot to go to the other side. Turn right at Amang Rodriguez Avenue, the landmark is Jolibee at the corner. Turn right at the site's Entrance Gate.

Banks :

  • BDO 500 m
  • Eastwest Bank 700 m
  • Gasoline Stations
  • Caltex 600 m
  • Shell 400 m

Commercial :

  • South Supermarket 200 m
  • SM Savemore 500 m

Hospitals :

  • St. Camillus Medical Center 400 m
  • Railway Transport
  • LRT2 Santolan Staton 1.2 km
  • Malls
  • Sta. Lucia Mall 1 km
  • Robinsons Mega East 1.2 km
  • SM Marikina 2 kma


Site Development Plan

Site Development Plan

Kiddie + Pool

Kiddie + Pool

Lap + Pool

Lap + Pool

Lounge + Pool 2

Lounge + Pool 2

Entrance Gate

Entrance Gate

Grill Pits

Grill Pits



Lawn + Area

Lawn + Area

Mirea Residences - Features & Amenities

After spending the day of work or study, you can come home to a place where every day is a vacation. Resort style amenities take center stage in Miréa, giving you a selection of activities to do to unwind after a busy day.

  • Leisure Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Lap Pool
  • Palm Promenade
  • Basketball Court / Playcourt
  • Badminton Court
  • Grill Pits
  • Children's Playground
  • Open Lawn / Picnic Grove
  • Clubhouse
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Shower Area
  • Pool Deck
  • Gazebo / Cabana
  • Fitness Gym
  • Game Area
  • Function Hall
  • Lounge Area
  • Entertainment Room
  • Landscaped Atriums
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Convenience Store
  • Main Entrance Gate
  • Water Station
  • Laundry Station
  • 24-hour Security

Mirea Residences - PRICE LIST

Unit Type Final Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
2-Bedroom With Balcony - Maia (August 2017) ₱ 3,231,000 63.5
3-Bedroom With Balcony - Maia (August 2017) ₱ 4,385,000 85
Motorcycle Parking - Maia (August 2017) ₱ 70,000 3.25
Covered Parking - Maia (August 2017) ₱ 500,000 12.5
2-Bedroom With Balcony - Sitara (August 2017) ₱ 3,320,000 65
3-Bedroom With Balcony - Sitara (August 2017) ₱ 4,518,000 85
Motorcycle Parking - Sitara (August 2017) ₱ 70,000 3.25
Covered Parking - Sitara (August 2017) ₱ 500,000 12.5
2-Bedroom With Balcony - Vespera (February 2018) ₱ 3,291,000 63.5
3-Bedroom With Balcony - Vespera (February 2018) ₱ 4,397,000 85
Motorcycle Parking - Vespera (February 2018) ₱ 70,000 3.25
Covered Parking - Vespera (February 2018) ₱ 500,000 12.5
2-Bedroom With Balcony - Selenia (August 2018) ₱ 3,383,000 65
3-Bedroom With Balcony - Selenia (August 2018) ₱ 4,563,000 85
Motorcycle Parking - Selenia (August 2018) ₱ 70,000 3.25
Covered Parking - Selenia (August 2018) ₱ 500,000 12.5
2-Bedroom With Balcony - Solana (February 2019) ₱ 3,454,000 65
3-Bedroom With Balcony - Solana (February 2019) ₱ 4,661,000 85
Motorcycle Parking - Solana (February 2019) ₱ 70,000 3.25
Covered Parking - Solana (February 2019) ₱ 500,000 12.5

Mirea Residences - PAYMENT OPTION

DP : Down payment
BF : Bank Finance
RFO : Ready for Occupancy

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Reservation Fee: PHP 20,000
Spot Cash
100% cash payment with 10% discount.
15 - 85 (4.5% discount in the List Price)
15% DP payable until RFO
85% Remaining balance through cash or BF
20 - 80 (5% discount in the List Price)
20% DP payable until RFO
80% Remaining balance through cash or BF
30 - 70 (6% discount in the List Price)
30% DP payable until RFO
70% Remaining balance through cash or BF
40 - 60 (7% discount in the List Price)
40% DP payable until RFO
60% Remaining balance through cash or BF
2% PDC discount will be applied provided complete documents and PDCs are submitted within 30 days from reservation date
Closing Fee Options
Scheme 1 : Cash payment : 9.6% of the TCP
Scheme 2 : Down payment period : 10% of the TCP
Scheme 3 : One time payment on RFO date : 10.5% of the TCP


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Currently in pre-selling stage

While most of the units on the initial towers of the DMCI Mirea Residences are mostly sold out, there are still units in the next towers currently on pre-selling status. Be among the first to invest on this resort-inspired community while it is still hot on the market. Be amazed of its elegance and magical wonders. At this stage, your payment will be regarded as with the same amount until you have fully paid the monthly amortization (with minimal interest) if you want this option. By the time of the turnover date, the value of your investment will surely rise steeply, without you adding any charges. Even hidden charges are totally absent. So, if you want a virtual goldmine and a golden home, invest now!  

Low-density car park

One of the great aspects of the Mirea Residences is the DMCI Homes’ brand of efficient and low-density car park. Each building has 2-level parking, while the site is occupying a 38,895sqm of land area, about 15,000sqm of which is dedicated to amenities, open spaces, landscaped parks, water features and other gifts of nature. Imagine how big your “playing field” that still remains even if all cars and other vehicles are park at the same time. As parking spaces in the streets of Metro Manila are a precious commodity, inside the Mirea, it is part of your minimal investment. You can park as long as you like. Your car is totally safe, too!

Easy and quick accessibility

The Mirea Residences Pasig is situated near Eastwood City and Marcos Highway. The site is easily accessible from SLEX via the C-5 Exit through Libis, the FVR Road and Marcos Highway. Or an alternate route from SLEX via Calle Industria Ave. and Amang Rodriguez Ave. These major roads are well-paved and large enough to contain larger volumes of traffic which seldom peaks even during rush hours. So, you can go from any point from the site without the perennial traffic problems compared to the rest of the metro. A substantial amount of fuel savings on your part.


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